A Sweet Trap for malicious SEO Vendors and url opener free tool

The main business method of SEO companies is tele appointment and free url opener for chrome. Why don’t you make a phone call to the site management company that cannot be displayed at the top with the target keyword and take SEO measures?

Malicious vendors will openly say that they will definitely improve in SEO measures that cannot guarantee high-ranking display. He also said, “Not all sites are good, and the potential of your site is high, so I’d like to hear from you.” Now that we have created the keywords, we will limit ourselves to sites with high potential, and if we can reply to you today, we will take the frame. “We also do business in a way that doesn’t give us time to make decisions.

Basically, in SEO measures, companies that charge fixed costs should pass. Also, let’s pass a company that takes 100,000 as an initial cost even with a success fee and url opener free tool. This is because even if you don’t get results, you can make a profit just by getting the initial cost.

Matters to check with SEO vendors

First of all, after checking the following, let’s publish a list of sites that actually link to it, as it is okay. At least about 10 sites. Then, while checking the IP address, domain age, and page rank of that site, how do you link to the target site? Then, make sure that the site you are posting is actually on the top.

Be careful of sales people who cannot answer this question properly or companies who say appropriate things.

However, be aware that these measures are equivalent to buying links and are prohibited by search engines.

This means that search engines can certify your site as spam and url opener free tool

  • What kind of measures will you take?
  • What is the percentage of linked sites, blogs, and links?
  • How many links will you make in total?
  • In terms of the number of domains, not the number of links that will be posted?
  • What is the C-class distribution rate for that IP address?
  • What is the average domain age?
  • How many links are issued from one page?
  • How many sites do you own by Google Page Rank?

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